OCCA team driven by our love of Oromo culture and our respect for its rich tradition and timeless history we wanted to create something that would help parents in Greater Toronto Area pass this heritage to their children. We believe that passing on the Oromo culture itself is of vital importance to this mission.


Detailed program will be posted in the near future. Coming soon, stay tuned.


Oromos respect their elders and value social responsibility, helping others, bravery, and hard work. Knowledge of history and culture is admired. Oromos can count their family trees through ten generations or more. These values are expressed ingeerarsaormirisa(singing), storytelling, poems, and proverbs.Geerarsais used to praise good behavior and discourage inappropriate behavior.

Oromo cultural heritage is expressed through mirisa,weedu,and different cultural activities. There are different kinds of weedu, such asweedu fuudha(a marriage song),weedu lola(a war song), andweedu hoji(a work song). Oromo women have their own song, calledhelee,that they use to express their love for their country, children, and husbands. Young boys invite girls to marriage ceremonies by singinghurmiso.Men dodhichisa(a dance to celebrate the marriage ceremony) and women doshagayoo(singing and dancing) during marriage ceremonies. There are prayer songs calledshubisuanddeedisu.


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