Oromo Canadian Community Association is a vibrant community organization in Greater Toronto Area founded in painting_4_by_hamzaahmed1985. With an overflow of Oromo immigrants coming to Canada beginning in mid 80’s, the association began with a small group of Oromo’s with the goal of providing the needs of newcomers and giving life to Oromo’s culture, art and the Oromo language. The founding member of the OCCA, were legendary Oromo politicians, writers, academia, and progressive thinkers.

On August 1988, the Oromo Canadian Community Association of GTA was formally registered and incorporated as an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization, bound to observance of human rights and Canadian Laws.

The Oromo Canadian Community Association of GTA during the past 30 years of existence has passed many ups and downs and at same time has been able to serve Oromo’s and have had great shares in promoting and recognizing the Oromo’s Culture and Arts to other Canadian Communities.

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