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The OCCA’s Women Group has been working since the establishment of the Association. The Siiqqee institution project is an active and pioneer initiative targeting Oromo women in the Greater Toronto Area. The Oromo enjoyed a homegrown deliberative democratic governance system widely known as the Gada System. Gada allowed for and protected rights of women. Under Gada, women were proactively guarding their rights through Siiqqee institution, an institution created and maintained by women. The Siiqqee institution project aims to empower Oromo women and children to learn and protect their rights through entrenching institutions that are part of their historical recollections.
Through a series of workshops, counseling, and outreach programs, the project aims to rebuild this by teaching women, children, and men the rights they are entitled to in Canada in terms of the basic building blocks of the Siiqqee institution and using this institution along with the Canadian justice system and Canadian Charter of Right to guard their rights. The members are relatively new immigrants that have not yet economically established themselves. The OCCA’s Women Group would like to work with all other partners and multicultural organizations promoting and supporting women’s issues.

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